Downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

How to do it:
From tabletop Pose, tuck your toes under and float your hips the sky,
Spread your fingers wide and put  your hands to the mat
Draw your shoulders away from your ears.
Inhale: press into your hands and feet lifting your knees off the ground
Lift your sits bones towards the sky, broaden your sits bones back and lengthen your sacrum towards heels for even low back curve
Exhale: Heels pull down to the floor as your hamstrings lengthen
Relax with your head down
Downward facing dog benefits:
You can get more flexibility around your heels and ankles
Great for improving digestion, also, breathing into the abdominal muscles can help in strengthening the walls of the stomach and your intestines.
Helpful for relieving stress and depression,
Boosts your blood circulation and helps in removing toxins, also energizes the body.
Increases your flexibility in your hips, knees, ankles and joints, also builds muscles in your ligaments and tendons
Strengthens your wrists, arms, shoulders and legs.
Stretches your hamstrings, calf muscles, back and legs.
Reduces back and neck pain.
Most of the yoga poses can be practiced with the help of blocks, cushions or support from a wall. In this yoga pose are also variations.
You can get wrist support from yoga blocks or blankets.
You can use the wall for support to avoid falling over and to get a better grip.
Bend your knees if your hamstrings are inflexible or if your back is weak.
Be careful:
Be Aware of your body during any yoga pose. Not everybody responds to a pose the same, as we are all on a different journey. This yoga pose is not recommended if you’re suffering from Heart disease,  because the flow of the blood to the head in this position can bring uneasiness.
If you have High Blood Pressure, this also can bring a sudden flow of blood and pressure to your brain, causing breathing difficulties.
Don’t practice this pose if you’re suffering from vertigo, because it can worsen your symptoms.