This smoothie tastes creamy, spicy and fruity at the same time. It is my favourite winter smoothie but also tastes good at any time of the year with powerful antioxidant ingredients. It has the following health benefits:
Peaches are excellent at assisting liver and kidney function, and they also aid weight management. They prevent constipation and boost your immune system. Peaches can help in the prevention of cancer and are great at strengthening the heart. They are great for your skin and help with your vision.
Mangoes are high in copper, boost red blood cells and reduce cholesterol. They prevent cancer and are boosting your immune system. Mangoes help reduce the risk of heart disease and help you maintain a healthy nervous system—also aids in improving eye health and memory.
Pineapple is fantastic for arthritis pain and bone health. They are an anti-inflammatory and anti-parasite. Pineapple is excellent for Sinusitis recovery, sore throat and an infection remedy. It also has Anti blood clot benefits.
Turmeric works best if it is paired with black pepper. It can cure acne and other skin conditions like psoriasis and is beneficial for wound healing. It can prevent cancer cells from growing and is anti-inflammatory. Turmeric controls blood pressure and reduces cholesterol. Also very useful for the treatment of diabetes.
Watch the video to see how you can get all those incredible health benefits in one great tasting smoothie: