Thunderbolt or Hero Pose (Vajrasana)

How to do it:
Bring your knees to the ground with your legs together, and the feet hip-width apart. Sit back on your heels. Rest your hands on your knees facing up or down.
Press your lower legs down into the floor and reach the crown of your head up to lengthen your spine. Drop your shoulders down and back, and press your chest forward.
If this is hard or you’re feeling any discomfort in your knees, try sitting on a block, bolster or pillow.
Thunderbolt pose benefits:
This Pose Heals the Body. With your sit bones placed on your heels, you are giving your body a good posture. This helps in transporting the breath smoothly to your entire body. This flow of prana is your first step in healing your body from within.
You also Increase the Flexibility in your Ankles,
Improve your Blood Circulation,
Strengthen your Pelvic Muscles,
Improve your Digestion,
In this pose, your mind and body become stabilized. That’s why it is recommended for pranayama and meditation, which can improve concentration and memory. It
Increases the Blood Circulation in your Abdomen,.
It can help in removing stomach ailments like peptic ulcer or hyper-acidity.
Great Pose for Pregnant Women. It will help strengthen the pelvic muscles, which helps to prevent hernia and aids women in childbirth.
Stabilizes your body and mind.